Friday, October 10, 2008


"Ketchup" was a term I used in my classroom for the times in the school day's schedule when we could catch up on any and everything that needed catching up on. This post is a "Ketchup" post because I have a medley of events to catch up on as far as blogging goes.
First thing's first.... I think everyone in cyberspace needs to know... I won the Guitar Hero Competition at work last week. It's a shame you can't see my fake tattoos in this picture. 

Oh! And I convinced the rest of my department to put fake tattoos on as well. I happen to have a rather large supply of fake tattoos. 
On an unrelated note, if any of you happen to come across any super cool or cheesy fake tattoos, please let me know.

Tonight one of my best friends and I had the opportunity to have dinner with former students of ours who happen to be brother and sister. Their mom called us to arrange the dinner and we showed up as the surprise guests of honor.  I have to say, I felt a little like a celebrity when five kids came running into the front yard to greet us, screaming our names. My former student, Christian, was one of the few boys in my class last year that wasn't too cool to give his teacher a hug. He was always so sweet to me and laughed at all the jokes I told, even when they weren't funny (which only happened like once).  It was such a fun night! But I have to admit I'm exhausted from being mauled by five small children non-stop for three hours. (How did I ever teach school?)

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to make a treat for a game night with some friends. I handed the job over to a few of my nephews just to see how it would come together. It was the cutest thing... there were marshmallows and Golden Grahams all over! The oldest of the bunch took the job very seriously while the other two snacked on the ingredients that were spilled on the counter. I didn't have the heart to tell my friends that three darling children had either touched or slobbered on each piece of the treat. 

One of my nephews turned 6 last week! Here are some super cute photos of some super cute kids at the birthday party.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have had a weird couple of days and haven't felt like writing. I'm hoping this writing "exercise" will clear my head so I can get back to my usual blog banter.


I am... ten minutes late to everything!
I want... to have a family of my own someday.
I have... a tension headache that didn't go away after getting a massage yesterday (yikes).
I wish... I managed my time better.
I could... manage my time better (man, the guilt set in fast).
I hate... watching people treat each other unkindly. There's never any reason for that.
I fear... SPIDERS. And failure; which explains why I'm hesitant to try new things.
I hear... Norm snoring down the hall. Which brings up a really good point about me needing/wanting to move out of my parents house (bless their hearts).
I search... through brain research and educational studies at work for the most effective way to write curriculum.
I don't think... I will ever cut my hair shorter than shoulder length again. 
I regret... rushing through college only to get finished and enter the adult world while most of my friends were still enjoying college.
I love... my nieces and nephews more than anything in this entire world! I have the cutest, most intelligent nieces and nephews and I would rather be with them than do anything else.
I ache for... finding a best friend that I can't wait to spend all of eternity with.
I always cry... about once a year... and it usually has something to do with old people, small children, or animals.
I am not... a fan of chick flicks and romance novels.
I dance... while driving my car just to make the passengers a little uneasy. I get the best results from my mom. :)
I sing... as long as there is no one that sings better than me within earshot. 
I never... go to bed before midnight.
I rarely... wake up without hitting snooze.
I cry when... there is just a really, really good reason for crying and there is no option of expressing my emotions verbally.
I watch... "The Office" faithfully every Thursday night and the History channel while I work on projects; that's it.
I am not always... sarcastic or joking?
I hate that... any time I decide to wash my car, I happen to park near some rogue sprinkler that attacks my car with hard water.
I am confused about... why things sometimes work out the way they do.
I need... a hug. Oh, and a million dollars (see: " I hear").
I should... brush my teeth before I go to bed. Maybe I will... nah, probably not.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Farewell to Fat

My friend Natalie that I work with invited me to join her and some family members for a Farewell to Fat challenge sponsored by the Clearfield Aquatic Center. Our team's main goal is to make ourselves more aware of what we're putting in our bodies and try to create healthier habits (and a little weight loss wouldn't hurt our feelings). There is a different nutritional challenge each week, along with a weigh-in. Our challenge this week is to drink over 64 ounces of water a day.... needless to say, I am really getting to know the bathroom here at work! And anyone who knows me knows how hard this is because I only use public/shared restrooms on a NEED TO basis. :) 
We have been tracking our meals on this free, government sponsored website:

"My Pyramid Menu Planner" is a wonderful way to track caloric intake, see that you're eating balanced meals, and train yourself to pay attention to what you're eating. Check it out!