Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smart Boys, Dumb Decisions

Prepare yourself for my unfiltered, uninhibited, tell-it-like-it-is-ness.

Question: Why do smart boys like dumb girls? 
Answer: Because they're hot
Conclusion: Maybe the smart boys aren't as smart as we thought they were after all.

I wrote a post along these same lines some time before [Lest we forget, Miss South Carolina.] I just seem to see the pattern more and more with people I know as time goes by. It's almost as if boys get dumber and dumber. I love you boys to pieces. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that I would not be here today to write this if it weren't for your gender. But, please, I beg of you, give me some reason to believe that less than 90% of you are complete idiots. If I have to be your go-to gal friend on dating issues, please make the issues something like, "She's smarter than me," "She's read books I've never read before," "She knows how to conjugate verbs like it's nobody's business!" or "She has more useful talent in one finger than I do in my whole being." Because you should feel like this about the girls you date, even if it's not the absolute truth... you should at least think they're wonderfully talented and intelligent. We all know the truth about dating is that the more you get to know someone and the more comfortable you get around them, the more they start to become a real, normal, flawed person. Why then wouldn't you want to start with a girl that's well above your standards? That way, when she starts to come down, she can't go too far down... at least she'll be within reaching distance of the bar you've set.  

Looks are fleeting. Everyone looks horrible in the mornings or while puking up their dinner. Personalities are reliable and redeeming. Brains are intriguing. Hopefully you plan to do more than stare at the person you eventually end up with.

You date to find someone to marry. You marry the type of people you date. Choose your dates wisely, please. And if you don't, I don't want to hear about it.

Thank you and goodnight. 


Michelle said...

"She knows how to conjugate verbs like it's nobody's business!"

I hear this a lot about myself.

Sneakers said...

We probably should, but we just don't date this way. It starts with looks and goes from there. The discovering dumb-ness comes later, as you've evidently discovered secondhand.

Girls may complain about it (with a certain degree right indignation, I'll admit), but I know a lot of guys that feel discriminated against in very similar fashion.

So, what's the solution, eh?

Tatiana said...

Amen, Amen

The Professor said...

Pretty simple, really. Physical Attraction can be a known quantity right away. Intangibles like intelligence, personality, and religious conviction are not so easy to read, and can take multiple dates to reveal. Therefore, if one quantity is known to be present, and the others remain a mystery, you can justify pursuit. But if one quality is already lacking, the game is over. The real idiots are the ones who continue the initial pursuit long after they find the other qualities are indeed absent. Please direct all hate mail to

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! Love this: "Hopefully you plan to do more than stare at the person you eventually end up with." tell 'em Megan!

Hollie said...

Oh Megan. I would not be a good big sister if I didn't let you in on a little dating secret. Pretend to be stupid. That way the guy isn't easily intimidated. Then let the "smart" out in small, manageable bursts, but only after you've secured your position as the "best kisser" he's ever experienced.

Mitchell Family said...

although i'd love to believe that the male gender could rise above their genetic make up and realize that you are 100% correct...I have to say I agree with Hollie.

The male species is a very simple minded, non complicated variety.

great post!!

Lindsay said...

I know how you feel. I seem to be immune to a second date. I think I've figured out my problem:
I don't know how to act dumb.

Guide me, oh wise Megan!

Michelle said...

meg what a great post! I hope all the boys in the world read this.

Travis said...

Although I've been a stupid smart boy in my past, I've learned time and time again that the brain and all related intangibles are far more attractive than physical traits...

Admittedly I have started to going the the extremes - the more outwardly attractive a girl is, the less intelligent I assume she is (and might I say, Megan, you've become an obvious exception to that theory - you've ruined my hypothesis).

The difficult thing about all this is making sure all points are taken into account. It's important to understand that although stereotypes are sometimes there for a reason, not all people fit all molds.

William Belle said...

You bet we're dumb. And with good reason. [chuckles]
You shouldn't really expect too much more from us!